• Home & Auto – With all of the fires that went on last year there have been a number of homeowners having their current insurer cancelling or non-renewing  their policies.  We can write high fire-lines that includes the California Fair Plan.  Mobile and Modular homes in those areas can be covered as well.
  • For your Business – Again, having coverage to keep your business secure is crucial.  Having Liability, Workers Comp and even an Umbrella policy will keep your business secure.  You may also want to consider Key-Person insurance for that hard to replace employee or business partner.
  • Medicare & Medicare Supplements – For those turning 65 there is a 7 month window to sign up for Part B insurance.  You have the option to take regular Medicare with a Medicare Supplement plus an Rx plan, or Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans (MAPD).  If you are Low-Income and on Medi CAL the ASSURE plan would best fit your needs.
    • Looking for Dental or Vision?  I can help with that as well.
Medicare Services and sign-ups available