• Home & Auto – We insure your home as well as your cars and did you know that everything you own is riding around with you in your back seat?  Yes…if you are involved in an auto accident an it is your fault AND you don’t have the right coverage or enough coverage you can be sued?  That’s right, your assets are out there for the taking if you do not have the proper coverage, so shopping for bargain, cheap/inexpensive insurance is NOT the way to go and you could be paying for it for a LONG time.  Your wages can even be attached until the debt is complete.
  • For your Business – Again, having coverage to keep your business secure is crucial.  Having Liability, Workers Comp and even an Umbrella policy will keep your business secure.  You may also want to consider Key-Person insurance for that hard to replace employee or business partner.
  • Health Care – We all know the cost of health insurance has gone through the roof but fortunately we are no longer being penalized for not having it.  Still, having some sort of coverage will keep you from paying out-of-pocket for the unexpected. We offer Group and Individual Health Insurance with a selection of providers to choose from.
  • Life – Younger people don’t think about the future but did you know that Life Insurance is tax-free?  If you set up a Term or Term/Perm policy when you are young and add extra to it then in the future you will be set, AND when you are young you typically have no health issues like when you are older.  Talk to me about the benefits of starting a life policy sooner rather than later.
  • Medicare – I am certified with several Medicare Health carriers and get you signed up with Medicare/Medicaid, Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage and Prescription Drug Plans (PDP).  If you are Low-Income and need help in finding the right plan to fit your needs I can help with that as well. 
    Looking for Dental or Vision, we have you covered.